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Dr. Carla C. Pontes


Owner and Founder of One Quest, Carla C. Pontes is a Brazilian dentist with an MSc in Periodontology from the Univ. of São Paulo, and a Ph.D. from the Univ. of Copenhagen, where she worked as an assistant professor. She practiced Clinical dentistry for many years before her transition in to the field of dental science and research, having published in various prestigious and world renowned international journals. Her creative and dynamic communication skills combined with a passion for research is what makes her successful and unique. She is also an amateur artist, yogi wannabe, and cake enthusiast who loves dogs and adventures in nature with her family.


Dr. Carla Pontes’ resume showcases a compact version of the skills and experiences achieved during her professional career and life path. To access her full curriculum vitae, please send your request to: 

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